6 Apps Every Content Creator Needs On Their Phone

As a content creator (both for myself and clients) I'm constantly creating designs, posting on social media, editing photos/video, and writing. Regardless of the project I'm working on, having the ability to create and manage content while on the go is everything. While there are so many apps on the market, I wanted to bring you my personal favorites that I use regularly. These apps are free but may have paid options (but are affordable) which makes them a win-win!

1. Afterlight 

Sharing photos is definitely be a key piece within my content strategy. I always like to ensure that the quality of my photos are up to par and if after taking a photo I feel like I need to improve the edits, I always start off with the Afterlight App. This photo editor allows you to adjust various aspects of the photos such as brightness, sharpness, and saturation. It's also very easy to use if you're new to editing photos. Improving the quality of your pictures is a key piece to increasing engagement and the overall visual of your platform.

2. InShot

Want to spice up your video content? This all-in-one app allows you to not only customize the canvas configuration of your videos but you can add fun background colors, text, and even fun filters/effects!  I love adding creative touches to my content on social so if you're looking to elevate the look of your videos then I definitely recommend that you download InShot!

3. Preview

I love pre-planning the aesthetic for my Instagram feed and recommend every content creator to do the same! It helps keep your feed organized, visually appealing, and smooth overall when planning. The Preview app is very easy to use as it allows you to connect your Instagram and upload an unlimited amount of photos to begin planning. While some apps restrict the amount of photos you can upload, the free version of the Preview app doesn't. You can rearrange the photos/video tiles and follow up by scheduling your content (including captions and times as well). It allows you to hide photos (to see how an archived post would look like on your Instagram before doing it) and even check your analytics. 

4. Canva

Canva is a great tool for those who would like to easily create graphics. It's super easy to use as it has preset templates that allows you to customize them by changing colors, fonts, and text. While I would recommend using Canva on the computer if you would like to create more detailed designs, having the app on your phone is crucial to create quick graphics and to make any necessary updates while on you're on the move. You can also create Instagram Story designs on the app which I personally love!

5. Google Docs

Storage is a big piece of content creation and I love being able to provide our clients with the opportunity to easily receive their content without compromising the quality. When creating on a weekly basis, it's important to have a system that will securely store and back up files and of course easily accessible on the go. From storing photos to sharing writing pieces, I've never had an issues with Drive and up on my go to list!

6. Trello

I don't know about you but I always have a ton of content ideas flowing through my brain for both myself and clients. I love to keep my content flow organized and Trello is my go to app when scheduling what/when I'll be creating. It allows you to organize your plans and projects in a very easy, effective, and free way! For my personal brand I have my Trello broken down into different boards (blog and video content) and within those boards have deadlines for when each content piece needs to be completed. We even use Trello when teaming up with a photographer for our business and use it to demonstrate the types of photos we'll need (you can upload your own pictures), the deadlines, and leave notes for her to reference when capturing the pictures. It's a great collaborative app as you can invite people to the app for projects and even organize it down to creating checklists and labels. 

I hope this helps all of my content creators out there! Do you have a favorite app that you use when creating content? Let me know below in the comments!

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