5 Easy Ways to Make your Instagram Profile Stand Out

With over 1 billion users, Instagram is undoubtably one of the most popular social media platforms today. From businesses seeking social advertising to bloggers wanting to showcase their content, Instagram serves as a great opportunity for users to communicate directly to their community and help establish their visual identity. When it comes to capturing an audience, one great way to do so is to create a cohesive and captivating feed. If you're wondering how exactly to do so, don't worry I have you covered! In this blog post I'll be sharing 5 different ways to help level up the look of your page and getting those who land on your feed to keep scrolling! 

1. Create Stunning Visuals

The first step to making your Instagram profile pop is by sharing better quality photos. Having high quality photos will entice a user to continue checking out your feed - especially if you have a product or service based business. Nothing is worse then a potential customer not being able to read the label on your product or understand what services you offer. Having stunning visuals will also help you look more professional and help with curating the overall aesthetic of your page. Now I understand that not everyone will be able to afford a photographer, but I definitely recommend that you play around with different phone editing software or even purchase a camera and encourage a loved one to start snapping some photos for you. 

Modern Tip: Working with natural lighting is KEY. Avoid using a harsh flash but instead work in a space that hash bright, natural lighting. 

2. Choose a Color Scheme

Creating a consistent color scheme will help showcase your brand elements and serve as a way to connect your audience to your page. Starting as simple as creating graphic designs with your brand colors to curating your photos with the same filters, this will help tie in brand aspects. The easiest way is going down the graphic design route and let your brand colors do the talking. Not to mention this also adds depth to your page!

3. Have a Curated Aesthetic 

This step is definitely one of my favorites! I personally see Instagram as a visual diary and the best way to capture someones attention is to have an aesthetic. From colorful feeds to minimal ones, perfecting your look and feel will change what someone perceives when looking at your page as a whole. This step also resonates with me because as a creative, this is such a great opportunity to showcase a personal brand identity. I recommend starting off by choosing a certain aesthetic and then preplan your content using tools such as the Preview app or Planoly. These tools help you see how a post will look next to another one and how it will connect to the three before that prior to posting your content.

Modern Tip: Having a variety of posts will help create more engagement. Try incorporating flat lays of your favorite products or question graphics to get your audience to chat with you.

4. Use Hashtags

Want your content to get noticed? Be sure to always use relevant hashtags when sharing your photos. This allows new users to easily find your content when searching on Instagram. If you're sharing a photo of your latest pick up from a store and you're a blogger, you can try tags such as #blogger #bloggerlife #storename #ootd. These popular tags circulate throughout Instagram and you never know who may find your awesome content! I also recommend that you create a custom hashtag(s) for yourself or brand. This makes it easy for your audience to see all photos that you share that falls within that hashtag and creates your own space online.

5. Know When to Share Your Content

Now this one is golden. One great way to make your Instagram profile to pop is to ensure that users can actually see your content. Instagrams algorithm is very unique and is known to favor those who post consistently. While posting consistently is awesome, you also have to pay attention to when you can actually gain the visibility in front of your audience. The best way to do so is by checking your analytics or choosing key times based on when you currently get the most engagement. 

Hope these tips help you in your endeavors. Let me know which tip you'll be incorporating below!

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