Welcome to Modernly Michelle!

My name is Michelle Benjamin, a 23 year old Florida native who currently resides in Marietta, GA.  Modernly Michelle, formerly Fashilluminous, is a lifestyle blog focusing on all things creative, business, and style. When I first began blogging about 3 years ago, I primarily had one goal in mind - to document my journey of obtaining a career in the fashion industry. Since then, I have evolved immensely and have broadened my horizons to so much more. 

Modernly Michelle serves as a space to receive business tips/advice, still learn about the latest trends, and a get little bit of inspiration. I'll be sharing tons of content whether it's regarding how to slay a new business partnership or how to take your style to the next level. Just know that I'll be unapologetically me and will keep it real with you all at all times. 

I also now offer consultation services for your business and/or personal brand. If you would like to work one on one with me to assist in elevating your brand please click here